Photo Scavenger Hunt


Minox Rocks


This sounds so fun!
Photo Scavenger Hunt

Taken from the website:

Par-tay Gear:

  • Friends (obv)
  • Digital cameras (double obv)
  • Copies of the shoot list for each team
  • A meet-up location
  • A mode of transportation per team
  • Food
  • A city/town/commonwealth to attack with an army of photogs
  • A laptop or a TV + camera cable to view the photos after wards
  • A prize for the winners

Woot! Woot! Anyone want to join me? Let’s do it!


Armory Arts Week

If you are in New York March 3-6th, this is the place to be. I would love to attend and if you go be sure to let me in on what you liked.

“Every March, artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from all over the world make New York their destination during Armory Arts Week. The Armory Show has taken this opportunity to launch its first ever series of public programming in celebration of the City’s unparalleled artistic communities in a different neighborhood each night. Events include special receptions, open studios, art tours, museum discounts, performances, panels, artist discussions and parties.” (Armory Website)

Courtesy of Armory Arts Week

Remember to comment if you have been before or are planning to go this year. It sounds like an amazing experience.


Kayo Gallery and Frosty Darling

If you venture to Salt Lake City or live here, a must see is the Kayo Gallery and Frosty Darling. They are located on the corner of 200 East and Broadway (300 South). Both are local favorites and hidden gems in a mostly homogeneous city.

The Kayo Gallery is currently owned by Shilo Jackson. She took over the space from Kenny Riches in 2008. The gallery hosts cutting edge art and showcases many emerging artists. It is one of my favorite galleries and a “must stop and visit” during the gallery strolls.

Along with great art, Kayo also rents their space for special events and hosts workshops. Please visit Kayo’s website for more information.

Image courtesy of City Weekly
Image courtesy of City Weekly

Sharing the space next door is the fun and funky, Frosty Darling. Many of the items are hand made by the owner Gentry Blackburn. It is a boutique that features unique one of a kind crafts, art, furniture, and jewelry.

Frosty Darling is like taking a step back in time. It is difficult to leave because you want to linger and really take in each and every item. There is also a carnival style dart board where you can win tickets to purchase candy, along with old fashioned rocking horses for kids to ride.

Image courtesy of Frosty Darling website
Image courtesy of Frosty Darling website

So now that you have been introduced, please stop by and support local shops and art. They are open late on the third Friday of every month for the gallery stroll.

Thank you Shilo and Gentry for giving me permission to feature both of you amazing women.


Cat Palmer

Today I am featuring a photographer that I met through my mom. If you have not heard of Cat Palmer, please look at her website. Not only does she take great pictures, but she is very reasonable with her prices.

Cat is a full-time photographer that balances family life, her profession, and her passion. When she is not shooting weddings, engagements, and graduations, she is pursuing her artistic side with amazing shoots and a unique way of mounting her photographs.

Cat Palmer

Cat is currently part of a project called Framed. It launched last week and each week they take viewers on location to be part of photo shoots, behind-the-scenes view, and also processing techniques and editing tips.

Thank you Cat Palmer for giving me permission to feature you as the Artist Spot Light.


Thermal Book Binding

On an earlier post I spoke about the site Create Mixed Media. Today, I am going to share the link to do thermal book binding. There is a free PDF available that gives instructions.

Thermal Book Binding

It looks so cool. I would like to try it over the weekend. Through workshops at the University of Utah, I have learned many binding techniques, but this is a new one to me.


Paul Heath

Paul Heath is a local artist in Salt Lake City, Utah. He studied at the University of Utah and calls his work “pop-nostalgia.” He works in a variety of mediums. Paul has also worked as an artist in residence through Youth City Artways. He did a beautiful project with the kids at an elementary school last year. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts Youth City Artways is no longer open.

3rd – 6th Grade Students made this with Paul’s instruction

Paul and his wife share their love of art with the community and are very kind in discussing techniques and tips with others. Please visit Paul’s website for more information.

Paul Heath

I have included some pieces that are really special to me. The first one is Bill and Nada’s Cafe, in fact this painting is how I discovered Paul Heath. I saw an article about Paul and a photo of the painting below.

Many locals know the story of Bill and Nada’s
The Ding Ho another place with fond memories

If you have the opportunity to see Paul’s work you will recognize many great landmarks from Utah. As mentioned above, he uses a variety of mediums and has some amazing pieces.

I would like to thank Paul Heath for giving me permission to show his work for the artist spotlight.