Paul Heath

Paul Heath is a local artist in Salt Lake City, Utah. He studied at the University of Utah and calls his work “pop-nostalgia.” He works in a variety of mediums. Paul has also worked as an artist in residence through Youth City Artways. He did a beautiful project with the kids at an elementary school last year. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts Youth City Artways is no longer open.

3rd – 6th Grade Students made this with Paul’s instruction

Paul and his wife share their love of art with the community and are very kind in discussing techniques and tips with others. Please visit Paul’s website for more information.

Paul Heath

I have included some pieces that are really special to me. The first one is Bill and Nada’s Cafe, in fact this painting is how I discovered Paul Heath. I saw an article about Paul and a photo of the painting below.

Many locals know the story of Bill and Nada’s
The Ding Ho another place with fond memories

If you have the opportunity to see Paul’s work you will recognize many great landmarks from Utah. As mentioned above, he uses a variety of mediums and has some amazing pieces.

I would like to thank Paul Heath for giving me permission to show his work for the artist spotlight.


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  1. >Beautiful work! What a sad thing about the budget cuts…art is such an important part of personal development <3Thanks so much for the kind comment at my place!

  2. >Awesome display of artwork! I agree with Tezzie, art is important in all aspects of life. The ability for children to be exposed to such great artists needs to be provided as much as possible.

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