Personal Geographies

Today was the free webinar hosted by Create Mixed Media entitled, My Journey with Maps. Artist Jill Berry shared her passion and knowledge with map making. The class had some interesting ideas and ways to create maps about family, rites of passage, or actual road trips. Jill uses mixed media to create her maps and also Photoshop.

Jill Berry's Book

Her book is on sale for 50% off until the end of the month through Create Mixed Media. Jill also shared some of her map collection with us. She has some nice vintage maps, maps from McDonalds, etc. It truly was fascinating and inspiring.

During the webinar it was brought up that maps are slowly becoming extinct and probably will become extinct. I have a few maps that I am now going to keep and create some treasures with, especially knowing that they will soon be hard to come by.

Photo Courtesy of Jill Berry; Personal Geography

I would strongly urge teachers to visit her blog or purchase her book. She has projects that could be done with elementary through high school students, great for art and English teachers. I know I am strongly inspired to create a few on my own and then create a lesson for some fourth grade students I am working with.


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  2. Hi Alie,
    Thank you so much for joining me, and for writing about the book! It is so much fun to find others who enjoy maps and the process as much as I do. And you are right, I have made many of the projects in the book with kids as young as five. I hope you come by my map website and visit!

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