Santos Dolls

Have you heard of Santos Dolls? You can read about the history, here. The name is taken from the Spanish word, Saint. The dolls flourished during the 1700s and 1800s.

I had never heard of them, until I signed up for the Creatively Made workshop. We will be making these dolls. I went to Hobby Lobby today and did not find the supplies I needed for this project. However, I am going to look online and see if I can find the supplies.

If you have made these before, I would love to hear from you or perhaps you can share a link with a photo. Once I have completed the project, I will post a photo.

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3 thoughts on “Santos Dolls

  1. I’d love to see the finished piece you make. After the holidays I was about to throw out an old shabby angel whose paperdress was too damaged to reclaim, but I decided to cut it up and save the porcelain head and hands, and plastic wings. Now you’ve given me an idea… thanks, Linda

  2. Yes, definitely. I am glad you will be able to use your doll parts for another project. I am still working on week one of my online workshop. The dolls are being made in week three. I will post pictures once I am done. Thanks for stopping by.

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