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Umbria Vii, 2011. By Jan Heaton. Courtesy of Professional Artist Magazine

While looking at the Professional Artist Magazine online, I discovered Renée Phillips. She is the founder and director of Manhattan Arts International. She is also a career coach focused on art and helping artists. Renée is called the “Artrepreneur Coach.”

On the Professional Artist website she has many posts on being successful as an artist. The one post that drew my attention is entitled, 25 Golden Rules of Success. I will list my top five from her 25 and then be sure to click on this link to read the list in its entirety.

Golden Rules of Success (taken from Renée Phillips):

1. Create your master plan and plan your destiny. What kind of artist do you want to be? What do you want to do with your art?

2. Follow your passion, not the market. Create your best work first, then determine the best venues. If you reverse the order, you will always be behind the market and not following your passion.

3. Diversify your market. Sell small and large pieces, original and editions, less expensive and higher priced.

4. Reach out to your collectors regularly. Marketing experts say that 80 percent of your sales will come from 20 percent of the people you know. Rely on repeat customers and referrals.

5. Continually educate yourself on the business of being an artist. Read and follow the advice offered in publications, web sites, workshops, books, etc.

What do you think about Renée’s advice on success? Do you have any golden rules that you practice? I would enjoy hearing what motivates you and helps you succeed.


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  1. Thank you Ali, what a nice surprise to have discovered your post. I’m glad you are sharing some of my Golden Rules. I appreciate the publicity! Wishing you creative bliss, Renee

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