January 2014

Greetings Friends and Happy New Year.

Be sure to follow me on Lillie Rosa. It is my new venture. I will be hosting monthly giveaways on my Facebook Page too.

Wishing you all much health and happiness.


Current January 2014 Giveaway.

Current January 2014 Giveaway.

Paper Art Scene is Here

Friends, the post I removed was an error. Paper Art Scene is staying and thriving. I do have a new site http://lillierosa.com/, but will also keep this one.

We most likely will lose power from Tropical Storm Sandy. It is raining and winds are picking up. So, I will be posting soon.

Be safe and thanks for your support. ~Alie

New Digs Coming Soon

Well our family is about to move to the DC area and I am so excited about all of the art galleries and museums. We are going to have so much fun exploring our new digs.

Here is a place that looks interesting, it is called Workhouse Arts Center. It is on 55 acres of land and offers gallery space, classes/workshops, cooperative studios, performance and theatre venues.

According to the Workhouse Arts Center website, “The Workhouse Arts Center is a project of the Lorton Arts Foundation. The expansive complex, once a correctional facility and now a center for arts, culture, and history, has a rich past and an exciting new presence.”

Photo: Workhouse Arts Center. Credit: Centerbrook Architects and Planners.

Do you live in the DC area? Have visited any galleries or museums? I would like to hear which ones you recommend.

Arts Advocacy Day 2012

Logo: Americans for the Arts. Credit: http://www.americansforthearts.org/

Have you ever participated in Arts Advocacy Day? It takes place in Washington DC. I would love to hear from you if you have been. It took place on April 16th and 17th this year. It is a way for art advocates to meet with elected officials and let them know how important the arts are in our communities and schools.

The schedule looks like an opportunity  to gain a wealth of information and something I would enjoy learning. This year Alec Baldwin was the guest speaker and is an art advocate. His interview with NPR can be found here.

Our family will be in the DC area next year and I would like to participate in the activities. If you would like to make an online donation you can visit American for the Arts Action Fund.

Do you have any stories about your community and how to keep the arts funded? Do you think the arts are important?


Art and Education

Are you an educator? An art advocate? Or a volunteer? You will enjoy an article written by Katherine Damkohler.

The article depicts the importance of knowing what schools need, the curriculum, and the core state standards. When the arts encompass the needs of the school then it is a win-win.

Please click here for the entire article on the Arts Blog website.


(We are back from spring break)

365 Projects: From the Etsy Blog

The Etsy blog has a wonderful post about  365 Projects: Creating Every Day for a Year. There are some really fun and unique people who are doing this project. If you would like to get inspired or if you are doing something similar, I am sure you will find this post very interesting.

I started the new year by posting a photo a day on my personal blog and then stopped. I found myself simply posting a photo to meet the goal, but not really enjoying myself. I then took a step back and analyzed what I wanted to do and decided that I like writing and sharing photography that I think will inform, entertain, and engage my readers. I did not feel I was accomplishing that task by posting a photo a day.

Have you had a similar goal? Was it successful?


Monthly Artist Spotlight Competition

Photo Courtesy of, Professional Artist Magazine

Professional Artist Magazine is hosting a competition for artists. They will select one artist each month to be featured in their Artist Spotlight section.There is no fee to enter the competition.

For all of the details please visit this link.

This competition is an opportunity for artists to be interviewed, have their artwork featured, meet other artists, reach out to others, and enhance their presence in the art community.

Good luck,