Ray Chen-Violinist: Free Discovery Concert

Yes, you read that correctly. It is a free concert. Limit of four tickets per household. This free concert is being performed at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri on Sunday, March 11 at 3:00 PM.

The intent of the Harriman-Jewell Series Discovery Concerts is to provide  audiences with the opportunity to experience new artistry minus the cost. To receive your free tickets please visit this link, Ray Chen-Violinist.

Photo: Ray Chen. Credit: Harriman-Jewell Series

According to the Harriman-Jewell Series website, “Ray Chen is the winner of the 2009 Queen Elizabeth Competition and the 2008 Yehudi Menuhin Competition.” He has had many rave reviews.

Please let me know if you are attending the concert or if you have attended a Harriman-Jewell Series in the past. I would like to hear your feedback.


Renée Phillips: Manhattan Arts International

Umbria Vii, 2011. By Jan Heaton. Courtesy of Professional Artist Magazine

While looking at the Professional Artist Magazine online, I discovered Renée Phillips. She is the founder and director of Manhattan Arts International. She is also a career coach focused on art and helping artists. Renée is called the “Artrepreneur Coach.”

On the Professional Artist website she has many posts on being successful as an artist. The one post that drew my attention is entitled, 25 Golden Rules of Success. I will list my top five from her 25 and then be sure to click on this link to read the list in its entirety.

Golden Rules of Success (taken from Renée Phillips):

1. Create your master plan and plan your destiny. What kind of artist do you want to be? What do you want to do with your art?

2. Follow your passion, not the market. Create your best work first, then determine the best venues. If you reverse the order, you will always be behind the market and not following your passion.

3. Diversify your market. Sell small and large pieces, original and editions, less expensive and higher priced.

4. Reach out to your collectors regularly. Marketing experts say that 80 percent of your sales will come from 20 percent of the people you know. Rely on repeat customers and referrals.

5. Continually educate yourself on the business of being an artist. Read and follow the advice offered in publications, web sites, workshops, books, etc.

What do you think about Renée’s advice on success? Do you have any golden rules that you practice? I would enjoy hearing what motivates you and helps you succeed.


Passion: Natalie Warne

An inspiring Ted Talk by Natalie Warne: Being Young and Making an Impact.

Natalie speaks about passion and working in what you believe in, no matter your age. I was so moved by this Ted Talk because I feel so many creative people let their passion fade and do not keep what empowers them ignited. This 18-year-old girl is encouraging and a good speaker. I would love to show this Ted Talk to middle and high school students. Not only youth, but also as I mentioned adults too need to keep their passion alive. Passion put to action can leave the world a better place.

Image Courtesy of, Ted Talks

Happy Valentine’s, friends.

Personal Geographies

Today was the free webinar hosted by Create Mixed Media entitled, My Journey with Maps. Artist Jill Berry shared her passion and knowledge with map making. The class had some interesting ideas and ways to create maps about family, rites of passage, or actual road trips. Jill uses mixed media to create her maps and also Photoshop.

Jill Berry's Book

Her book is on sale for 50% off until the end of the month through Create Mixed Media. Jill also shared some of her map collection with us. She has some nice vintage maps, maps from McDonalds, etc. It truly was fascinating and inspiring.

During the webinar it was brought up that maps are slowly becoming extinct and probably will become extinct. I have a few maps that I am now going to keep and create some treasures with, especially knowing that they will soon be hard to come by.

Photo Courtesy of Jill Berry; Personal Geography

I would strongly urge teachers to visit her blog or purchase her book. She has projects that could be done with elementary through high school students, great for art and English teachers. I know I am strongly inspired to create a few on my own and then create a lesson for some fourth grade students I am working with.


My original post can be found here.

Cat Palmer

Today I am featuring a photographer that I met through my mom. If you have not heard of Cat Palmer, please look at her website. Not only does she take great pictures, but she is very reasonable with her prices.

Cat is a full-time photographer that balances family life, her profession, and her passion. When she is not shooting weddings, engagements, and graduations, she is pursuing her artistic side with amazing shoots and a unique way of mounting her photographs.

Cat Palmer

Cat is currently part of a project called Framed. It launched last week and each week they take viewers on location to be part of photo shoots, behind-the-scenes view, and also processing techniques and editing tips.

Thank you Cat Palmer for giving me permission to feature you as the Artist Spot Light.


Paul Heath

Paul Heath is a local artist in Salt Lake City, Utah. He studied at the University of Utah and calls his work “pop-nostalgia.” He works in a variety of mediums. Paul has also worked as an artist in residence through Youth City Artways. He did a beautiful project with the kids at an elementary school last year. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts Youth City Artways is no longer open.

3rd – 6th Grade Students made this with Paul’s instruction

Paul and his wife share their love of art with the community and are very kind in discussing techniques and tips with others. Please visit Paul’s website for more information.

Paul Heath

I have included some pieces that are really special to me. The first one is Bill and Nada’s Cafe, in fact this painting is how I discovered Paul Heath. I saw an article about Paul and a photo of the painting below.

Many locals know the story of Bill and Nada’s
The Ding Ho another place with fond memories

If you have the opportunity to see Paul’s work you will recognize many great landmarks from Utah. As mentioned above, he uses a variety of mediums and has some amazing pieces.

I would like to thank Paul Heath for giving me permission to show his work for the artist spotlight.