The beauty of a chapbook.

1. Pocket Sized

2. Poems, ballads, stories, etc.

3. Simple or complex with different bindings

4. Create your own

There is a workshop at the University of Utah’s Book Arts Studio on March 19th. I have taken workshops there before and their studio is brand new and amazing. The instructors are inspiring and knowledgeable.

“Participants leave with the foundation needed to begin designing, digitally printing and constructing their own line of boutique books.”

I think this will be a fun one, although I will not be attending.

Also, Utah educators be sure to visit the above site, they offer free workshops for teachers. You can take away some interesting projects for your students. The workshops incorporate language arts, science, history, math, and arts.


Thermal Book Binding

On an earlier post I spoke about the site Create Mixed Media. Today, I am going to share the link to do thermal book binding. There is a free PDF available that gives instructions.

Thermal Book Binding

It looks so cool. I would like to try it over the weekend. Through workshops at the University of Utah, I have learned many binding techniques, but this is a new one to me.


Army Book

Example of plain chipboard

Happy Friday. I am posting a book (a few pages). I made for Scott for Christmas. The project did not take long. It was simpler than others I have made in the past. This one did not have a lot of layers or painting.

I found the chipboard book already scalloped at Target. It has a metal ring that keeps it together. I painted the board and then layered paper and pictures.

The Army stickers are from K&Company. They have stickers for all branches of the military and you can order them online or find in any craft store.

This quick chipboard book is something that I will do again for others (family/friends), especially since there is a brand new Target close to me. With my longer projects I take a regular board book, sand it, prime it, then paint, layer, etc. They turn out really cool, but take much longer to create.

Image is from Jasper John’s American Flag