Crossroads Arts District: Kansas City, Missouri

There are two things that I am doing before we leave this area: 1. Visit the library in Kansas City. Read about it here. 2. Crossroads in Kansas City. According to the Crossroads’ website it is home to “more than 400 local artists and 100 independent studios, the Crossroads Arts District is one of the mostContinue reading “Crossroads Arts District: Kansas City, Missouri”

Kansas City Art Auction

The Kansas City Artists Coalition is having an art auction to help with funding their programs. It is Saturday, February 18th. For more information please visit this link: Kansas City Artists Coalition They are also looking for volunteers to help with the event or artists willing to donate art. Support art in Kansas City andContinue reading “Kansas City Art Auction”

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art has a family scavenger hunt every third Saturday of the month. It is free and at the end of the hunt they give kids a take home art activity. Scavenger Saturdays for Families Kemper Museum | Free, No Registration Required Hone your art detective skills and discover something newContinue reading “Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art”

Scrivner’s Creative Center

If you are in the Leavenworth, Kansas area be sure to check out Scrivner’s Creative Center. The owner, Cricket, has an excellent business which offers art and music classes for kids, craft nights for adults, and runs the shop as a co-op for artists. You can find unique one of a kind items at reasonableContinue reading “Scrivner’s Creative Center”

Salt Lake Art Center

The Salt Lake Art Center showcases contemporary art. It was founded in 1931 and is in the center of Salt Lake City. They also offer workshops, film screenings, panel discussions, and educational programs. Want to know the best part? Admission is free. They have Art Saturday which is for families. An upcoming event is creatingContinue reading “Salt Lake Art Center”

Kayo Gallery and Frosty Darling

If you venture to Salt Lake City or live here, a must see is the Kayo Gallery and Frosty Darling. They are located on the corner of 200 East and Broadway (300 South). Both are local favorites and hidden gems in a mostly homogeneous city. The Kayo Gallery is currently owned by Shilo Jackson. SheContinue reading “Kayo Gallery and Frosty Darling”