Friday Photo Party

Jeanne Oliver is going to host a photo link party on Fridays. All of the details should be available on her blog tomorrow. Please join in on the fun. Linking is a wonderful way to meet others, keep committed to a goal, and to be inspired.

Once the information is on her blog, I will also post it here. So get your camera ready. Jeanne is using Instagram with her iPhone. I will be using Retro Cam with my Droid. However you want to participate will work.

Stay tuned,

Photo Scavenger Hunt


Minox Rocks


This sounds so fun!
Photo Scavenger Hunt

Taken from the website:

Par-tay Gear:

  • Friends (obv)
  • Digital cameras (double obv)
  • Copies of the shoot list for each team
  • A meet-up location
  • A mode of transportation per team
  • Food
  • A city/town/commonwealth to attack with an army of photogs
  • A laptop or a TV + camera cable to view the photos after wards
  • A prize for the winners

Woot! Woot! Anyone want to join me? Let’s do it!


Cat Palmer

Today I am featuring a photographer that I met through my mom. If you have not heard of Cat Palmer, please look at her website. Not only does she take great pictures, but she is very reasonable with her prices.

Cat is a full-time photographer that balances family life, her profession, and her passion. When she is not shooting weddings, engagements, and graduations, she is pursuing her artistic side with amazing shoots and a unique way of mounting her photographs.

Cat Palmer

Cat is currently part of a project called Framed. It launched last week and each week they take viewers on location to be part of photo shoots, behind-the-scenes view, and also processing techniques and editing tips.

Thank you Cat Palmer for giving me permission to feature you as the Artist Spot Light.