Renée Phillips: Manhattan Arts International

Umbria Vii, 2011. By Jan Heaton. Courtesy of Professional Artist Magazine

While looking at the Professional Artist Magazine online, I discovered Renée Phillips. She is the founder and director of Manhattan Arts International. She is also a career coach focused on art and helping artists. Renée is called the “Artrepreneur Coach.”

On the Professional Artist website she has many posts on being successful as an artist. The one post that drew my attention is entitled, 25 Golden Rules of Success. I will list my top five from her 25 and then be sure to click on this link to read the list in its entirety.

Golden Rules of Success (taken from Renée Phillips):

1. Create your master plan and plan your destiny. What kind of artist do you want to be? What do you want to do with your art?

2. Follow your passion, not the market. Create your best work first, then determine the best venues. If you reverse the order, you will always be behind the market and not following your passion.

3. Diversify your market. Sell small and large pieces, original and editions, less expensive and higher priced.

4. Reach out to your collectors regularly. Marketing experts say that 80 percent of your sales will come from 20 percent of the people you know. Rely on repeat customers and referrals.

5. Continually educate yourself on the business of being an artist. Read and follow the advice offered in publications, web sites, workshops, books, etc.

What do you think about Renée’s advice on success? Do you have any golden rules that you practice? I would enjoy hearing what motivates you and helps you succeed.


Passion: Natalie Warne

An inspiring Ted Talk by Natalie Warne: Being Young and Making an Impact.

Natalie speaks about passion and working in what you believe in, no matter your age. I was so moved by this Ted Talk because I feel so many creative people let their passion fade and do not keep what empowers them ignited. This 18-year-old girl is encouraging and a good speaker. I would love to show this Ted Talk to middle and high school students. Not only youth, but also as I mentioned adults too need to keep their passion alive. Passion put to action can leave the world a better place.

Image Courtesy of, Ted Talks

Happy Valentine’s, friends.

Crossroads Arts District: Kansas City, Missouri

Photo Courtesy of, Crossroads Arts District

There are two things that I am doing before we leave this area:

1. Visit the library in Kansas City. Read about it here.

2. Crossroads in Kansas City.

According to the Crossroads’ website it is home to “more than 400 local artists and 100 independent studios, the Crossroads Arts District is one of the most concentrated gallery districts in the nation.”

Did you read that? In the nation! Why have I been sitting in Lansing every weekend when the Crossroads is so close? I went to the gallery strolls in Salt Lake City and knew many artists and gallery owners, since moving to Kansas I have made excuse after excuse not to venture to the Kansas City Arts District.

No time like the present. I am going to venture over there, take photos, and get exposed to some art! Have you ever been to the Crossroads Arts District?


Kansas City Art Auction

The Kansas City Artists Coalition is having an art auction to help with funding their programs. It is Saturday, February 18th. For more information please visit this link: Kansas City Artists Coalition

Image by: Alicia Candiani-Fata Morgana-Mixed Media

They are also looking for volunteers to help with the event or artists willing to donate art.

Photo Courtesy of: KCAC

Support art in Kansas City and get introduced to a variety of art work. Auctions are a wonderful way to see a broad range of art, mingle with fellow art lovers, artists, and advocates, as well as an opportunity to pay forward to the community.


Friday Photo Party

Jeanne Oliver is going to host a photo link party on Fridays. All of the details should be available on her blog tomorrow. Please join in on the fun. Linking is a wonderful way to meet others, keep committed to a goal, and to be inspired.

Once the information is on her blog, I will also post it here. So get your camera ready. Jeanne is using Instagram with her iPhone. I will be using Retro Cam with my Droid. However you want to participate will work.

Stay tuned,

Final Stage: Altered Book Journal

By: Alie Preusser

The journal is complete and now it is ready for me to document life, love, parenting, creating art, and all the things I enjoy. After taking a workshop on maps it inspired me to include some maps and journal some of the places I have lived. Now that I am an Army wife the journeys will continue and I am going to include map art from each place we live.

Post about Jill Berry and the map making seminar is, here.

Middle stage post is, here.


Kansas City Public Library

I absolutely love libraries and am a total bibliophile. The library is the first place I seek out in a new place. What I cannot believe is that the coolest library is so incredibly close to me and I have never been there.

While helping my son with a project I saw photographs of the Kansas City, Missouri library. It looks amazing! This is my next adventure and I am so excited. Have you been to this library or heard of it?

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Slideshow photos courtesy of Google Images.

Peg Board Tutorial

The 36th Avenue

The 36th Avenue tutorial is great for the above project. It is very detailed. I saw one that was similar to this in a jewelry store. It was much bigger and had a vintage frame around it.

A peg board for my jewelry and jewelry making is on my wish list to make. My husband and I even visited Home Depot so I could show him the parts I needed. It is going to come to fruition once we move.

Please visit The 36th Avenue for details and beautiful photos of the process.



How many of you like Picasso?

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”
~Pablo Picasso

Photo Courtesy of:

Over the past two weeks I have been working on journals and altered books, along with taking a class about maps and the art of maps. I found this quote very fitting. I like the imagery of painting as a form of diary.

Really any medium is a diary, very personable, yet calling others to partake. I feel only the artist truly understands the layers because the art created is a “diary.” We choose the work we want to share and we hope to inspire others. The sharing and inspiration are what I find beautiful about art. There are so many avenues for expression and there are no fixed “rights or wrongs.”

How do you express yourself? Do you have a favorite medium that is your diary?