Friday Photo Party

Jeanne Oliver is going to host a photo link party on Fridays. All of the details should be available on her blog tomorrow. Please join in on the fun. Linking is a wonderful way to meet others, keep committed to a goal, and to be inspired.

Once the information is on her blog, I will also post it here. So get your camera ready. Jeanne is using Instagram with her iPhone. I will be using Retro Cam with my Droid. However you want to participate will work.

Stay tuned,

Bloggy Moms

Wednesdays I will feature spotlights of blogs that I like. The beauty to blogging is in supporting one another and I discovered this fantastic site where it is all about support. The creator actually takes the time to Tweet and has areas where you can promote your blog and interact with other bloggers for free.

Where Moms Who Blog Go!

The site is called Bloggy Moms.

I discovered Bloggy Moms through reading about an upcoming conference Blissdom. It is a blogging conference. This year it is in Tennessee. The blogosphere is huge and there is just about everything out there.

On average it takes about two to three years to get an audience/followers. You need to be consistent with your posts and let your readers know that you are committed. The best way to do this is through networking.

Thank you to Bloggy Moms for connecting people in an easy format and for taking the time to follow up with new members.