Passion: Natalie Warne

An inspiring Ted Talk by Natalie Warne: Being Young and Making an Impact.

Natalie speaks about passion and working in what you believe in, no matter your age. I was so moved by this Ted Talk because I feel so many creative people let their passion fade and do not keep what empowers them ignited. This 18-year-old girl is encouraging and a good speaker. I would love to show this Ted Talk to middle and high school students. Not only youth, but also as I mentioned adults too need to keep their passion alive. Passion put to action can leave the world a better place.

Image Courtesy of, Ted Talks

Happy Valentine’s, friends.

Paper Art Scene Vacation

Dear Friends,

Paper Art Scene will be back in early July. I am getting ready for my wedding, honeymoon, and move out-of-state. If you would like to read my personal blog during that time, I will be posting there.

I am currently taking workshops to develop and learn more about the arts I am passionate about. Once I am back in July there will be tutorials, inspiring art, and a place to share many creations.

Cheers, ~Alie