Triple Knot Necklace

Today I created a triple knot necklace. I took a class at Beadz Galore. The first class I took was a single strand knot class which is typically used with pearls. The triple knot is so much fun. I made this necklace for myself so I could practice. Now I will make one for my daughter, mom, and mother-in-law.

Photo: Triple Knot Necklace. Credit: Alie Preusser

If you are in the Kansas City Area,  I would suggest Beadz Galore. The staff is so friendly. Their classes are free and they only ask that you buy the supplies at their store, this means you can design your own piece by choosing your supplies.

I also wrote about Urban Arts and Crafts. They also offer classes and I am going to take one and will report back. I have been told that their store is wonderful as well as their classes.

Do you have a favorite place to take workshops or classes? Have you tried the triple knot?


Crossroads Arts District: Kansas City, Missouri

Photo Courtesy of, Crossroads Arts District

There are two things that I am doing before we leave this area:

1. Visit the library in Kansas City. Read about it here.

2. Crossroads in Kansas City.

According to the Crossroads’ website it is home to “more than 400 local artists and 100 independent studios, the Crossroads Arts District is one of the most concentrated gallery districts in the nation.”

Did you read that? In the nation! Why have I been sitting in Lansing every weekend when the Crossroads is so close? I went to the gallery strolls in Salt Lake City and knew many artists and gallery owners, since moving to Kansas I have made excuse after excuse not to venture to the Kansas City Arts District.

No time like the present. I am going to venture over there, take photos, and get exposed to some art! Have you ever been to the Crossroads Arts District?


Kansas City Art Auction

The Kansas City Artists Coalition is having an art auction to help with funding their programs. It is Saturday, February 18th. For more information please visit this link: Kansas City Artists Coalition

Image by: Alicia Candiani-Fata Morgana-Mixed Media

They are also looking for volunteers to help with the event or artists willing to donate art.

Photo Courtesy of: KCAC

Support art in Kansas City and get introduced to a variety of art work. Auctions are a wonderful way to see a broad range of art, mingle with fellow art lovers, artists, and advocates, as well as an opportunity to pay forward to the community.


Jewelry Classes in Kansas City, MO

If you are interested in jewelry classes Urban Arts and Crafts will be hosting several different classes. Please visit their website for more information. All photos in the slideshow are courtesy of Urban Arts and Crafts Facebook Page.

I am taking two of the jewelry classes and a friend of mine has taken soldering classes there and really liked it. They also offer a wide variety of classes (knitting, crochet, sewing) and sell art supplies, yarn, fabric, embellishments, etc.

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Learn something new during 2012 or develop a skill further.